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Millionaires in the Making Youth Program

It is very unfortunate that the youths of our generation are more intrigued by violence, fraud and everything that is illegal, with very few of us interested in education and making money the right way. This is an issue that should be tackled immediately so that the future could be inspired to be the leaders of tomorrow . The I Am Money Magic company is proud to bring to the notice of the general public a crowd funding campaign for  the Millionaires In The Making Youth Program (MITM), a program that is aimed at preventing youths from illegal and harmful acts that could impact their future. Abu H Ali author of 'I Am Prosperity' and creator of  I am Money Magic a company already doing some good to the community by enlightening people on how to be financially free, is back again with another power packed program, this time aimed at the youths to help them escape the violence around their neighborhood and focus on making a living through legal business transactions to create financial stability.Our Purpose is to educate and empower the people especially underprivileged youth to develop a millionaire mindset and to learn how to save, invest and make a living, helping them become entrepreneurs with the goal of becoming financially free. Not only do we advocate for financial empowerment we also advocate for Drug Prevention, Staying in School Is Cool, Suicide Prevention, Anti-Bullying, Increase The Peace, amongst others that would help keep our youths informed Millionaires In The Making  PROSPERITY OUTREACH PROGRAM. Call to the youth to join MITM for the betterment of their future. We will contact families in the communities to inform them about the MITM for the youth through; direct mail, direct phone calls, door to door awareness, email, social media. We would also promote to the schools and community centers where the kids are including , local playgrounds , basketball courts, and the mall. Whenever we see a kid we tell them about it.It is very easy to join us  , no fees needed, online application is allowed, all you have to do is include a Prosperity Personality Test that will help us determine the current mind state , goals , interest , and to build character and identify areas of improvement. Once approved they will upload a video to all social media outlets to introduce themselves to other members . We are currently Recruiting Nationwide starting with Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit & Miami.


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