How You Can Help

Millionaires In The Making

 This is  an excellent opportunity for your establishment to participate in a positive movement. We would be honored if you would consider a contribution to our campaign. We have some exciting and interesting rewards for our contributors and we plan to build a repository of knowledge for entrepreneurs that will serve as a useful tool for the community. "Power is the intersection of organized people and organized money'.Our goal is to raise the sum of $300,000 to help build, recruit, educate and establish Millionaires In The Making institute.  $75,000 would be used for content creation of  Money Magic Institute, $75,000 for Marketing And Promotion, Celebrity & Influential Business Leaders alongside Celebrity hosted events. The remaining $150,000 would  be used for Entrepreneurship Fund We urge the general public to aid us in making the dream a reality by contributing as little as anybody can so we can inspire our future generation.